Project MARTiAL YOU is currently in the planning stages, our goal was to have a fully operational facility within 1 to 2 years of our tax exempt approval status date (4-23-2012) but this has proven difficult due to limited funding for non-profits such as ours. Now our job is to prove to chariatble foundations and potential donors that premptive action can lead to a better overall society. We are not able to cure diseases but we can promote a healthy lifestyle that can lead to less occurances of health issues in those that remain physically and mentally active. It is this premess that we continue our fundraising efforts and hope to someday achieve our goal of creating the best community center we can.

This of course will rely heavily on our ability to obtain interest with possible donors, fundraise  and to successfully apply for and receive grant funding. The sooner funding is available the sooner we will be ready to start. We are hoping with local support from our community and fellow practitioners we can make this a reality.

If you are interested in helping make this project a reality please check our donations page for more information on how to contribute.

Thank you and keep checking back for updates on this project.