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Right now MARTiAL YOU has the tough task of creating, establishing and maintaining a very unique and one of a kind martial arts center for the community of Bangor, Maine. This task or goal of MARTiAL YOU has been dubbed PROJECT MARTiAL YOU to clearly identify this stage of development for us. Our absolute top priority is to concentrate on making the best single facility we can and establishing the best programs for training in the martial arts while centering around community involvement.

Of course having this goal of making our non-profit community center does not come from a narrow vision. In fact the concept was scaled down from a larger idea so it could be broken into short term goals which could then be achieved over time. Most everyone has a dream and if an entity such as ours could have dreams it would be the long term result of having a MARTiAL YOU center in every city in every country on earth. Of course this dream is huge and most likely may never occur.

But looking ahead at the future is not out of our scope, in fact it is very much in our sights. For now we will work hard to build a good foundation with the very first center. After that and if the demand is there we will expand outward starting with nearby cities. The next step is to branch out to neighboring states and from there reach south and west.

This roadmap is not far-fetched as you can probably find a YMCA non-profit facility in most cities within the United States. The YMCA organization, which was founded by George Williams of London in 1844, has established a working business model that allowed them to expand to over 2,600 locations in the US alone. In our efforts we intend to learn from successful non-profits such as the YMCA in order to better serve our community and hopefully the future communities we will belong to.

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