It's good to have goals! It's good to set goals and then achieve them. MARTiAL YOU has goals and we are working towards achieving as many as possible while working to fullfill our mission. Some will be long term and some are short term. 

Above all, is our main goal to promote the positive benefits of martial arts and to create long lasting collaborations with organizations that can help achieve a positive impact on the community. Beyond that, there are several other projects our staff and I would love to be succesful at. Below you will find information on some of the major projects we would like to complete.


Let’s talk money shall we. Here is an image of a US 100 dollar bill. This could be an average cost per month for a single individual who wishes to attend martial arts classes at a typical school or training facility. Go ahead and take a look at it, then kiss it goodbye every single month.

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MARTiAL YOU goes non-profit. Why non-profit? Clearly it is much easier to begin a business as a for profit model.

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