In order to generate some of the revenues that will go towards our non-profit facility, MARTiAL YOU will be actively engaged in the resale of training gear. Many of the gear items sold will have our logo and Project stamp for those who wish to help promote our mission. Many of the logoed items will also be awarded as a promotion to help spread awareness of our existence and goals.


Along with being able to purchase gear with the MARTiAL YOU logo, you will be able to purchase name brand gear items without any logos added. We plan of maintaining an active gear shop in order to give our community access to training aides without having to order from different internet suppliers. In the mean time we have setup an online store to promote not only our logoed gear but that of all the name brands we will resell.

100 percent of all profits from these sales will go to maintaining and funding the non-profit organization and its training facility. Our reselling of these items is for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to help make the best martial arts training facility we can.


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We are currently only accepting payments VIA Paypal online to keep transaction costs down. This also allows us to keep the process simple and more secure since all payments are made through the secure Paypal system and not our website.

All items shipped to an address within the state of maine will have sales tax added to the price to comply with Maine state tax regulations.

So… if you want some kickin’ gear and would also like to support our non-profit martial arts center. Head on over to the MARTiAL YOU online shop by clicking either the picture above or the SHOP NOW button below and get to buyin’ something!

Currently we are working with multiple wholesalers to get the best pricing we can on both logoed and non logoed gear from Adidas, Century, Everlast, Sprawl, and many others. Uniforms and other logoed apparel will also be available as we can get them. As of 3/1/2012 we have only our promotional T-Shirts and Hoodies online and will be adding gear items while they become available to us.