MARTiAL YOU Kicks Off 1 Month Campaign To Raise Funds For Martial Arts Pilot Program In Bangor, Maine - Press Release


Not enough public demand was available to support this project so we are shifting focus to our core mission which is to promote the benefits of martial arts and help make those benefits accessible no matter where they are.



Our Goal Is To Keep Martial Arts Accessible To Everyone.

"I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting MARTiAL YOU so far! The support in our direct circle has been great, but now we need more support from those around us to make this Project a real tangible thing that our community can use and be part of.

There are so many good causes out in the world that focus on recovering from disaster, misfortune, disease and abuse. Though we are not attempting to directly feed the hungry or cure a disease we are all about promoting health, wellness, self-improvement and community which can lead to great things for each individual and society as a whole.

I am calling on everyone who believes the structure of martial arts can make a difference and all of those who have been changed by martial arts and those who know someone who has been, to spread the word and help us make this project a reality. The potential is great, the benefits are greater and the outcome for thousands can be the greatest.

Thank You"

by Shawn Hill (Founder)

Here Is What We Are Up To:


We are working right now to jump-start affordable programs in traditional martial arts in Bangor, Maine.  We have an opportunity to start some programs at a location previously occupied by the Bangor YMCA. The building has been unused for several years but is now under new ownership and they are leasing out space to help offset the cost of having the building in use again.


We would be leasing 1258 Square Feet of space to run our programs, seminars and training clinics. This studio is on the main floor and is equipped with mirrors, stretch bars and a storage room. Once minor renovations are done to prepare the area MARTiAL YOU will cover the floor with 1" EVA foam puzzle mats so we can all train with less impact on our joints.





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Studio Space Gallery:


Read more on this: Affordable Memberships



The Cool Factor:



One group who intends on leasing space inside the building is Young’s MMA, a popular and growing training center for Mixed Martial Arts practitioners. As you may or may not know MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is basically a combination of skills from several traditional styles of martial arts. MMA practitioners learn to use techniques from arts such as judo, jiu-jitsu, boxing, muay tai, karate, taekwondo and many others, so what could be better than having some of those traditional arts being taught right alongside those who train in MMA?



How It Works:

Here’s how it works, MARTiAL YOU must raise enough money to jumpstart this project and implement a pilot program for those interested in learning a martial art. Initial estimates require us to raise $2600 for each month of operation and our goal is to acquire at least 2 months’ worth of expenses in advance to give this project a good chance of success.

After this initial kickstart the project should remain self-sustaining if there at least 87 active members throughout the year. Each of those 87 members will maintain a $30 per month membership which will allow us to pay for rent, insurance and instructor compensation.

As we add more programs, members get additional opportunities to attend new classes at no additional charge.  Memberships will be good for programs running now and those that could be running in the future. 

So, for every $30 contribution you can get credit for one month of membership to programs made available through this project. And don’t worry, we won’t make you take classes just because you contribute, but you really should.


How The Funds Will Be Put To Use:

This fundraising campaign is dedicated to raising money for the following items:

MARTiAL YOU $5,200 Funding Breakdown:


General Liability Insurance – 1 year premium / 1 Million in coverage & Emergency Medical Insurance - 1 year premium / $10,000 coverage & Directors & Officers Liability Insurance as quoted through the Allen Freeman Insurance Agency located at 141 North Main Street Brewer, Maine 04412.

We are raising $500 towards this expense to cover 2 months

$250 per month


RENT - Our rent quote for the 1200 sq ft studio space located at 127 Hammond Street is currently $750 per month.

We are raising $1,500 towards this expense. 


$750 per month


Instructor Compensation - Initially there will be a pilot program implemented which will run up to 80 hours a month. Each hour means an instructor must be there and in today's modern world most of these individuals cannot afford to be there for nothing. Instructor compensation is set to $20 per hour to at least help cover the cost of travel and time. 

 We are raising $3,200 towards this expense

$1,600 per month


How To Contribute:

igg lockup empowered color blackYou can contribute to our campaign on and you will be helping us reach out to our community and beyond with martial arts.

You will be helping us begin affordable classes in traditional martial arts within our community that will directly serve a potential 85,000 plus people within our city and surrounding towns

MARTiAL-YOU-campaign-link-custom-500x500You will also help to enable countless individuals to benefit from the structure of martial arts both at the physical location and through other means such as free tutorials and web media.

You may also help us by donating your time or services. If you would like to help make this project a reality email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Shawn Hill at 207-745-7380.


Why Does It Matter?

Because martial arts helps people of all ages, genders and races all over the world better themselves both physically and mentally. Because building confidence in our youth, giving structure to our kids and helping to teach respect for others can make a huge difference in our future. Because giving adults the opportunity to reinvent themselves, learn new skills and develop social connections with others can make a huge difference right now.

Martial arts has long been a method of self-improvement for millions of people across the globe and across time. It can help both kids and adults learn to become more involved with others, exercise regularly and increase mental focus while learning in a structured way.

Unfortunately too many individuals, kids and entire families are unable to pay the fees associated with attending classes at martial arts schools. This leaves way too many people missing out on these structured programs due to the lack of financial resources. 

MARTiAL YOU is here to change that! 


Martial Arts Can:

Help To Prevent Bullying At The Source And Potentially Before It Even Begins!

Enrolling a child in a good martial arts program is one of the best ways a parent can prevent bullying before it even starts or stop it once it has begun. How you ask?  

BullyingBy building a Childs confidence and reinforcing discipline through these structured programs bullying can be averted.   

Kids at risk of being victims of bullying become less likely candidates for bullies when they are not perceived as weaker, unsure of themselves or easily scared.   

Kids who may engage in acts of bullying, learn to respect others and focus their energy in a more productive way so they never begin to bully in the first place.   

These programs work as a double edge sword to tackle both sides of the bullying equation.

Lots of kids learn early on how to focus their energy better, stay fit, respect others and also how to set goals such as working for their next belt level.

How Kids Benefit From Martial Arts

More on the benefits here: Kids Benefit From Martial Arts


Help To Prevent Sexual Assaults And Abuse!

Scared GirlMany young girls and women all over the world learn how to survive attacks, defend themselves and how not to become a fatal statistic due to the self-defense aspects of martial arts.

According to an article in the New York Times,
"nearly one in five women surveyed said they had been raped or had experienced an attempted rape at some point, and one in four reported having been beaten by an intimate partner."

You can fight back!!!

  A Few Good Reasons Women Benefit From Martial Arts

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