Halloween 2013 Volunteers 1200

MARTiAL YOU sends a HUGE "THANK YOU" to all of the volunteers who helped with the 2013 Pre-Halloween Family Bash Event! We could not have given over 600 children a safe place to celebrate Halloween without you guys. From start to finish we had plenty of hard working volunteers making it happen. In fact we had over 60 new individuals sign up to volunteer for this event. Above you can see some of our core volunteers decked out in T-Shirts designed by Shawn Hill especially for the event staff. The shirts were screen printed for and donated to MARTiAL YOU by the awesome folks at W.S. Emerson in Brewer, Maine. You guys rock! 



I cannot thank enough those involved in building props for this event. It was amazing how raw materials such as wood, cardboard, plastic, tape and paint were turned into a functional set of house appliances and creepy props that could harbor our scary actors. What a fantastic crew!







2013 Pre-Halloween Family Bash

October 27th 2013 from 2pm to 7pm

Brought to you by:
MARTiAL YOU & The Bangor YMCA 

Volunteer Applications Should Be Received by October 21st

Volunteers have a great impact on communities worldwide. Without volunteers many programs that reach out to communities and individuals would not be possible and would simply not exist. As a volunteer you can make a difference in the life of an individual, a family, a town, a state, or the entire country by donating your time to help with projects, charity functions and events. The 2013 Pre-Halloween Family Bash would also not exist if not for the fantastic volunteers who contribute their time and efforts.

Volunteers will be needed before, during and after the event to help prepare, help fundraise, help run and help clean up once the event is over. If you wish to become a volunteer for this event please fill out a Volunteer Application and turn it in at the Bangor YMCA. The efforts for this 5 hour event begin way before the October 27th opening date and will run beyond the 7pm closing time. 



General People Skills

  • Good people skills are invaluable. Applicants should be good with Communication, Personable, and Courteous.

Team Leadership

  • Many of our activities require team leadership and management skills in order to coordinate and work with others. We will need project managers to oversee the organization and completion of many projects.

Experience working with youth one on one and in group settings

  • Youth are top priority during this event and we need professional, reliable and skilled individuals to help work with children of all ages. Working with children is a must for most activities that will take place during this event.


Arts & Crafts

  • Several activities planned for this event will require those who have artistic abilities and are good with crafts. Some of the currently planned activities include face painting, pumpkin painting, and ghost making (with and without helium balloons)

Food & Beverage Service (Concessions)

  • We will be offering several different foods and beverages during this event and will need individuals to help. Currently we will be planning the availability of popcorn (via popcorn machine), Cookies, Hotdogs, Coffee, Tea, Juice


  • This is a large part of any themed event and this one is no exception. Halloween decorating is an art and will need skilled people to make a flowing theme throughout the YMCA building to give everyone a good experience. We will be supplying many of the decorations and props for this event and will also be accepting donations for these items

Health & Nutrition

  • Although Halloween represents that one day of the year where we all can toss the diet out the window and grab a sugary treat, we also would like to offer healthy alternatives to those standard sugary candies. If you are creative with nutrition and have ideas on healthy treats including: sugar free, dairy free and gluten free let us know

Youth Education & Training

  • Community events such as these involve children of all ages with different personalities and different needs. It is our objective to make events like these fun and safe for all children who attend. Those skilled or trained to work with youth are a great asset and a high priority with us. We will need you to help children with arts, crafts, dance, and several other activities throughout the event.

Music & Sound Tech

  • Halloween doesn't quite have the same feel without the creepy soundFX or classic background music to go with it. We are looking for someone who can organize and setup Halloween style ambience throughout our event. This will include announcements for activities and some DJ duties for dance groups and martial arts demonstrations


  • Allowing someone to take a memory home can be a great thing and we plan to offer just that. We are looking for professional photographers to work in a designated area for photos. Backdrops and props will be set up in this area for children and adults to get a photo taken. If you are good with kids and a camera this may be right for you.

Video Production

  • We are looking for a professional in video/audio production to help us document this event.

Medical Technician

  • Better safe than sorry. We would like to think that no accidents will occur during our bash but we also want to make sure that if something does we are prepared. We are looking for 1 or 2 trained emergency medical technicians to stay on the grounds during the event time 5pm to 8pm just in case.


  • Having fun in a safe environment is top priority and we would like to maintain a safe environment for all those involved on October 28th. We are looking for multiple security professional or police officers to be available if needed.



Face Painters (at least 3 or 4 that can cycle throughout the event or cover a time slot during the event)
Arts & Crafts (Pumpkin Painting, Ghost Making etc.)
Game Attendants (We should have at least 5 separate games going and each will need someone)
Concessions Attendants
Haunted House Actors
Prop Makers
Pre-Event Setup
Tear Down Crew
Traffic Coordinators
Fundraisers (Sponsor Packets will be given out for those who wish to help raise funds for this event)
Prop Photography – Cory Hill
Action Photographer (Someone to move around everywhere during the event and snap random shots)
Shock Zone Photographer (I would like to setup an area within the Haunted House that will capture the scare)
Camera Man (Will be moving around everywhere recording the event activities) – Dylan Hill
Music (Will be responsible for getting appropriate background music in all areas of the event)
Halloween Characters (We need a couple of volunteers to dress in fun costumes and interact during the event)


Kylie Hackett - Arts & Crafts
Emerald Russell - Games (Will be responsible for coordinating with volunteers to design and create at least 5 games for children to play and win prizes)
Concessions (Will be responsible for coordinating with volunteers to man concession tables, hand out snacks and select nutritional foods for the event)
Haunted House (Will be responsible for coordinating with volunteers to design and build our haunted house which will be themed as an actual house)
Graveyard (Will be responsible for coordinating with volunteers to design and build a haunted graveyard)
Open Swim (YMCA Aquatics, who is willing to stay?)
Raffles (Will be in charge of all giveaways, taking tickets and presenting prizes)
Halloween Dancing (Will coordinate with volunteers for two 30 minute dancing sessions with kids)
Security – (looking at KE Security again this year)
Shawn Hill - Martial Arts Demos

YMCA-Youth-Volunteer-Form-200YMCA-Volunteer-Form-200 copy

If you feel you can contribute to this event by volunteering contact Shawn Hill by email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or by phone: 207-745-7380 and please fill out the Bangor YMCA volunteer application and drop it off in person by October 21st 2013 at 17 Second Street in Bangor.


A background check must be done on each volunteer applicant to help ensure we promote a safe place for all those involved in this event. Both MARTiAL YOU and the Bangor YMCA reserves the right to reject applications based on the results of these checks.